Why choose Montessori over preschool?

At a growing age, choosing an education center for your kids can become very complicated. Most people choose Montessori schools over preschools, and in this post, we will reveal the reason. Below are some points from Montessori La Habra, CA experts which prove how Montessori is a better option than preschool.

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The Difference Between Montessori and Preschool

Most parents choose Montessori schools for their kids' years rather than traditional daycare or childcare.

Montessori preschool programs create a specific environment for preschool-age children for the education of young and curious minds. In these schools, they give the students freedom to enjoy and participate in different activities of learning, unlike in preschool. At preschool, kids are surrounded by teachers.

Preschools offer daycare mainly focused on the early education of your child. They are mainly concerned about the structured learning environment for the kids before they start kindergarten.

On the other hand, Montessori is different from it and focuses on modern education styles, philosophy, and methods.

Both are excellent for young learners in their context. But you need to examine both to make a wise decision for your preschool-aged child.

The working atmosphere in Montessori and Preschool


The school atmosphere and classroom structure play a vital role in the learning process. At a Montessori school, the furniture and materials are easily available for the students.

Students are free to work anywhere in the classroom to interact with other students. It helps the kids to encourage physical exploration.


Unlike in Montessori in preschool, the child has an assigned chair and table where they work individually or in a group. The students sit at assigned seats and listen during group sessions.

There are rare sensory materials available for sensory development. However, the environment encourages creativity and expression through activities like art and craft, role-plays, and games.

The motive of preschool is to foster love and confidence, to make a child independent and have a well-rounded personality. Each curriculum aims to educate the little ones in the best possible manner. To make any decision, check out your kid's personality and then think about what is best for them.

Final words

We hope now you will make a wise decision for your kids before sending them to preschool or Montessori school. Montessori schools have become a very popular choice among parents for their kids, and it's important to know the advantages of Montessori over preschools.

Rather than it, if you are looking for a preschool in La Habra, CA, we can be the best choice for your kids. We have professional experts to tackle kids' problems.