10 Snacks To Make For Your Pre-Schooler’s Halloween Party

Just a week or so left for Halloween and your pre-schooler going to his childcare La Habra CA must be looking forward to his class Halloween party. If the school is hosting a party where parents are to send party foods, or if you volunteered to make some, here are some easy snacks for the preschool La Mirada CA Halloween party.

  1. One of the easiest finger foods to make for the young ones is a witch’s broom using pretzel and cheese slice. Cut ribbons from one side into slices of string cheese and break the pretzel into sticks. Wrap the uncut side on the sticks and you have your witch’s brooms.
  2. Fruits are always healthy snacks. Make them Halloween ready with simple tricks. Cut a banana into half and place chocolate chips are eyes and M&M as nose on them and you have a scary “Boonanas”.
  3. Pressed for time to make the snacks? Just buy school approved juice boxes and wrap them in kitchen towel to make mummy juice boxes. Add M&M as eyes and let the straw peek out from the back.
  4. Another quick pre-packed Halloween snack can be cheese sticks. Just draw eyes and mouth on the outside package and you have your ghost cheese sticks.
  5. Even easier snack (and a healthy one at that) is an orange. Draw Jack o lantern outside with a black marker and see the children in your child’s childcare La Habra CA go mad over them.
  6. If you are the mom who loves to bake, brownie is one of the best dishes to serve at a school Halloween party. Make it scary by decorating the brownie with white frosting as ghosts with black frosting on top as noses and mouth.
  7. Are chocolate chip cookies your forte? Then make them festive themed by drawing chocolate spiders on the them.
  8. If you are more the cupcake mom, then there are many Halloween cake decoration to choose from to top your cupcakes. But keep in mind that pre-schoolers can get creeped or afraid easily, so choose a decoration that is not that spooky.
  9. Not eager to bring sweets for the preschool La Mirada CA Halloween party? Then a mix of pretzels, rice chex and bugles in a big bowl. Then make a sauce with melted butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Pour on the mix and spread them on a parchment lined tray and bake for about 45 min at 275-degree Fahrenheit. Don’t forget to stir every 15 min or so. Cool and then place them in the serving bowls. Mix in sweet ingredients like candy corn, M&M and candy corn pumpkins. The sweet and salty flavour will be a hit with the children. You can make individual packets as well and tie with a cute ribbon for easy distribution.
  10. Strawberries and chocolates always go together. For making them Halloween themed, choose white chocolate instead of white. Melt according to direction and dip the strawberry in them. Drag them a little to create a ghost tail. Dry on a parchment paper and your spooky strawberries are ready to be devoured.