Preschool To Kindergarten: 3 Steps That Will Help Your Child

If your child is more than three years old, then in the next year, when the academic session starts, he will be going to kindergarten. It is a big step in his life, and you need to prepare him for this transition from his Montessori Hacienda Heights CA to your local kindergarten/junior school. So, why is it necessary to prepare him? Here are some pointers to help you out.

Before we start with the steps, you must know the difference between your child going to a childcare Fullerton CA and kindergarten. Nowadays, even kindergarten has become very rigorous than it was when you went. Earlier, it was like an extended playschool where children mingled with each other and learned through play and games. Now, kindergarten learning includes more structured math and reading activities. Moreover, the classroom will be in a bigger elementary school with multiple classrooms and children of various age groups (starting from KG to grade 5). So, not only he will be in a classroom with more children, but there will be fewer adults supervising them compared to childcare or Montessori. Plus, the hallways, bathrooms, and playground will have to be shared with older children. Then there is the bell system and adjusting the whole day according to a strict schedule that will require him to be more attentive and focused. Hence this is a big adjustment for your child.

Step 1: Your child will require to change his bedtime and routine before he or she starts KG. Most start at 8:30 but buses arrive much earlier depending on where the school is located. If you are dropping him off and the school is nearby, then also you have to leave the house by 8 AM maximum. On the other hand, most Montessori Hacienda Heights CA start around 9 AM. So, you need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier once he starts elementary school. Similarly, the school won’t be over before 3 PM, so he needs to learn how to stay in school for a longer period of time.

Step 2: Getting used to bigger classrooms as well as school is another transition your child has to do when he starts his KG. Many schools allow parents and children to visit the classroom and the school before the academic year starts; so, make sure you take your child during such visits. Most importantly, show him where the washrooms are and how to use a public toilet by himself. The playgrounds will definitely be bigger than his childcare Fullerton, CA, so don’t forget to show him that. He will be looking forward to his first day in school with much more ease then.

Step 3: Your child will be staying in school for a much longer period than before, so he will need a heavier lunch bag than his preschool days. Also, he needs to have a good breakfast as it is a scientific fact that children who come to school with full stomach study better than those who skip or have less breakfast. If the elementary school has a meal program for KG students, teach your child how to pay for his lunch.