Picture Books every kid should Read to Know More about Seasons

Depending on how aware your kids are and where you live, your preschoolers may start noticing various changes around them throughout the year. The changes they are likely to notice are mostly in weather, decorations, holiday celebrations, festivals, variations in daily lifestyle, etc. Of course, all these changes happen due to seasons, a somewhat difficult concept for young children to understand. But a great way to teach them about different seasons is by reading books to them. Preschool teachers use books for their students that use age-appropriate words and wonderful illustrations to demonstrate the seasonal changes in nature.

Here you can see 5 fantastic picture books for kids that celebrate the splendor of all seasons.

Fresh-Picked Poetry by Michelle Schaub, illustrated by Amy Huntington:

Exploring a farmer’s market is a popular summer pastime for many people. This book is an awesome collection of poems that transports kids to urban farmers’ markets where they befriend farmers, discover how they grow foods, and also learn how to select the best produce. Children love reading these small poems and they feel inspired to eat healthily.

Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf:

In almost all the Preschool La Mirada CA playschools, this book is a popular choice among young readers. The book shows Sophie visiting the farmer’s market and picking out a squash that is just the right size to love. She names the squash Bernice and the two of them spend a wonderful time together. But with the weather change, Bernice turns soft and spotted. Following the advice of a farmer, Sophie buries the squash in the garden. This slightly funny book is a fall-time classic that kids would love to read.

Some Snow Is by Ellen Yeomans illustrated by Andrea Offermann:

Other than snow nothing can be the best thing about winter and this book famously celebrates winter with its magical snowflakes. From the first snow to the last, snow comes in different forms and the book shows the three neighbors enjoying immensely all the forms of snowflakes.

The Nest That Wren Built by Randi Sonenshine illustrated by Anne Hunter:

Reading this book would help Preschool kids to explore Spring. Birds build their nests, lay their eggs and hatch their chicks in the month of spring. The awesome illustrations of the book demonstrate the mysterious lives of the birds and that has made the book quite popular among kids.