Montessori Tips To Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time In The Smart Ways

During this pandemic situation when most of the children are at home along with their parents, it has been found that the time kids are spending in front of the screen has been increased in comparison to that of pre-pandemic age. In this present scenario, most of the Parents are doing office from home and kids are taking the opportunity of it. They take the refuge of electronic media and parents also feel relaxed that they are remaining busy with their favorite channel and they can do the office work.

But, television is not the only way where children are exposed to a digital screen, apart from it there is a computer and mobile screen. Extended hours of exposure to screens have an adverse effect on their health. It affects their eyesight and leads to frequent headaches. Screen exposure is inevitable while studying or doing classes as most of the Montessori schools in La Mirada CA are doing online classes due to the COVID situation. So it is very important to keep children off the screen at the other time to compensate for the damage.

Parents are getting concerned about the amount of time their children spent in front of screens and monitor nowadays. Pandemic has made it difficult to encourage children to switch off the devices as they are unable to attend school and freely meet with friends. Anxious parents seek Montessori caregivers’ advice in this grave situation.

In a workshop held at a Montessori school at La Mirada CA, both parents and teachers are agreed on a point that pandemic gives us an opportunity to rethink how we can spend quality time along with our children at home. Here are a few options that may help you to keep your children off-screen as much as possible.

  • Parents, please do not give your smartphone, tab, or laptop to the children just to keep them busy so that you can do your work in an undisturbed way. Interact with your children, spend time with them.
  • Set a goal. Parents often switch on the TV immediately after coming home from the workplace just to relax after a long hectic day. If you have kids at home, just do not do that. Children will follow you. They will start to think that watching TV is the only way to get refreshed.
  • Explain to your children in a friendly manner what are the negative aspects of watching screen unlimited time. Tell them why violent videogame, TV shows, movies are harmful to the personality development of them and these are the reasons for which you are restricting screen time. They will surely understand.
  • But, do not stop their watching screen. They will get bored at home and will revolt. Just fix their screen time. For example, they can watch TV or play video games for an hour before or after diner. Keep an eye open when they are watching TV or surfing the internet.
  • Encourage other activities like painting, craft, indoor games, music, indoor gardening, etc. at home to keep your children busy. Let them help you in domestic work to spend their energy.