How to keep your little ones busy on a rainy day

Some unexpected weather forecasts like snowfall or rain can leave kids feeling restless while stuck indoors. If you are out of ideas about how to keep your kids entertained with some indoor activities on bad weather days, you have come to the right place. Child Care Fullerton CA is sharing a list of indoor activities that will keep your toddlers busy and entertained.
Indore treasure hunt:
Are your children feeling bored staying in the house on a bad weather day? Relax. You can make their rainy day lively with an indoor treasure hunt game. Plan the game with your kids and make one set of clues for every player. To make the clues more fun and interesting you can make it rhyme. Each clue will lead to the next one and finally to the treasure. To keep the treasure hunters on track seal the clues in envelops and mark them with numbers. Whoever solves the clues fast and find the treasure (toy/book/food), is the winner. You can also let them play as a team to solve the puzzle and enjoy the treasure together.
Making a big racetrack:
Preschool Hacienda Heights CA says children love playing with cars, so parents can make this more fun by setting up a big racetrack. You can set the track on the stairs and let the cars zoom down so fast. It is a great exercise for kids as a running up and down the stairs to get the vehicles.
Baking something yummy:
Who does not love the smell of a warm, freshly baked cake on a rainy day? You can find some easy pancake or cupcake recipes and involve your little ones in the process of making it. You will have a real fun time baking with them. While measuring and mixing the ingredients, kids can develop their math, science, reading and communication skills.
Making a rain stick:
Caregivers from Child Cares suggest parents give kids ample opportunity to be imaginative and creative. So, making a rain stick is a perfect activity to encourage your kids' creativity. Take a paper towel tube, crayons, tinfoil, masking tape, dry rice, and a long pipe cleaner. Let your child color and decorate the paper towel tube and fasten the tinfoil to one end of the tube with masking tape. Fit the coiled pipe cleaner into the tube with the rice and attach the tinfoil at the other end of the tube with tape. Your child’s rain stick is ready to make a soothing rain sound.
Making blanket fort:
Making a blanket fort is really fun. Kids enjoy playing or reading inside their blanket fort. If your kids are getting bored on a bad weather day, allow them to construct their own super fort with a blanket. According to Preschool Hacienda Heights CA kids will be busy for hours coloring or playing with their action figures under the roof of the blanket. Something unexpected, like bad weather, can be a great time you need to bond with your family. A cozy, rain-soaked day can give you the opportunity to play games or sing songs with your little ones. You can spend some quality time with your kids that will help create memories.