How To Deal With Disappointment of A kid

Parents become worried when their children get disappointed. But, disappointment is a healthy emotion and it is necessary for children to feel it. Rather, training to dismay from early childhood is a must to make children mentally tough. This training helps kids to handle their sadness properly in the future. One Montessori caregiver in a school in Fullerton CA thinks that it is not a wise decision to shield kids from various types of odds of life. Kids are benefitted from feeling disappointed, and parents must teach them how to bounce back. This training makes them tougher to combat odd situations in life or the workplace in the future. A child remains protected by his parents and family members during their childhood. But when the child grows old and puts his steps in the unguarded world, being tough is needed to handle different situations in life tactfully. Childhood disappointment is a type of training to face crisis successfully in life.

In a Montessori school in Fullerton, CA, worried parents once asked teachers about how to handle disappointment in life. They said that first parents have to notice, how their children react to disappointment. Some children burst into tears and throw tantrums if they do not like the situation. Some children are very rigid and become still when the situation is not happening according to their choice and some children become hysteric when the situation goes out of hand. A clinical social worker in Fullerton CA thinks that it is necessary to listen to the problem of the children attentively. Most of the time, parents ignore their problem thinking that it is children’s matter. Listen and acknowledge children’s frustration and disappointment to win their faith and once you win the faith you can fix their impulses.

Child psychologist in a primary school tells parents that if the children feeling disappointed do not criticize them. It is necessary to empathize with your child’s fiasco. Try to find out the reason behind it. Use disappointments as opportunities to teach a lesson. Never underestimate them by saying that they are acting like a baby, it may enhance their sadness.

Instead, you may assure them by saying that it is very normal to feel upset in this situation and you would also feel depressed in this same situation. But, do not forget to tell them how to overcome this situation.

If any disappointing situation happened, boost them by saying that they are not alone to face the situation. A similar problem may arise to others also and so it is better to seek the solution to get rid of the situation rather than surrendering to it. Suggests to them that you are always on their side while seeking the solution. If they feel comfortable with you or with your physical touch, remain with them and offer hugs and cuddles.

In your home keep a calm and soothing corner. This corner is very helpful for those children who become restless in their dismay. Send them to that corner and allow your children some lonely time there. It helps a lot to calm down their nerve.