How Pets Help Kids in Their Growing Up Years

Everyone knows that kids love animals. It is common for children to ask their parents for an animal. If you are a parent who is planning to bring a pet for your toddler, try to make this choice responsibly. You need to explain to your children that a pet is not a toy, it is a living being that needs love and care. According to Preschool Brea CA teachers, having an animal in the house has a lot of benefits for kids ranging from physical, psychological, emotional and social to educational. Continue reading to know how pets help kids in their growing up years.

Being human :
Pets play an important role in children’s growing up years as they learn the importance of love and respect for animals which will have a very positive effect on the social sphere of the children. Kids will learn to take care of an animal, treat it with love and patience. These fundamental qualities will help children to relate to their environment more respectfully and lovingly with other people. In other words, children will develop not only cognitive intelligence but also emotional intelligence.

Being responsible :
In today's world, children are expected to grow up as responsible human beings and having pets is the best option for kids with whom they will learn to be responsible. While taking care of their pet, children develop a sense of responsibility. The teachers ask parents to encourage their kids to take the responsibility of the animals’ primary needs. While cleaning, feeding and taking care of the animal, kids will understand that having a pet in the house involves tasks that must always be respected to maintain the welfare of the animal.

Developing their communication skills :
You must be wondering how having pets in the house helps children in developing their communication skills. The relationship between the child and the animal is purely based on nonverbal communication. Children who play with animals implement some special communication process. Children can understand their pets’ feelings, their needs and what they want to communicate.

Being healthy :
Children having pets are likely to develop a stronger immune system and less likely to have allergies or asthma or frequent sickness. From taking the dog out for a walk to playing with the family rabbit in the garden, in every way having pets promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

Reduces loneliness :
Most of the kids love their pets so much that whenever they have free time, they would like to play with pets. Preschool Brea CA teachers have observed that kids feel happy in the presence of the pets as they ward off the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Most importantly, having a pet is fun. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird or fish, growing up with an animal makes their childhood more enjoyable.

Gives comfort :
Animals are a great source of comfort. Whenever the little pet owners feel sad, angry or scared of anything or if there is a secret to share, they feel more comfortable with their pets.

Though it is beneficial for your children to grow up with pets, as parents you should always be vigilant and keep close eyes whenever they are playing with the animal.