Benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids

Between cuddling with your kiddos and reading their favorite bedtime stories to them, have you ever wondered why it is beneficial to read books to children? Bedtime stories are considered as food for the soul and it is necessary to make them routine if you want your children to have a holistic development. Montessori La Habra CA teachers consider reading bedtime stories has numerous upsides attached to it. This is a very good activity to help parents bond with their kids after a hectic day at work, feed their imagination and make their brain fertile. Continue reading to know more about the benefits of reading bedtime stories to children.
When to start reading books to your children?
It is always a good time to introduce them to the world of books and stories. Experts suggest that parents can start reading to their children from a very tender age to boost their imagination. Many parents make reading aloud a habit while they are still pregnant, as babies recognize their mother's voice in the womb. Making reading a part of their bedtime ritual would help them calm down and develop a good bedtime routine.
Benefits of reading bedtime stories to kiddos:
Experts from Preschool Whittier CA have listed down many other benefits of the activity:
Develops communication:
By nature, children are inquisitive and reading books with pictures allows them to engage in conversation with parents and point certain things asking what-questions. It helps children to have developed oral communication skills, listening abilities, and language recognition skills. With time and age, they start learning to communicate through body language, verbal methods, and words.
Build a strong relationship with children:
Montessori Fullerton CA says reading time is a better time to bond and reconnect with kids over a fairy-tale. Reading allows you and your children to do something interesting together. You may get to see inside their minds by the comments they make and the impressions they form about the story and its characters.
Develops their inner dictionary:
Children who are read to, tend to have a broader vocabulary as they are always being exposed to new words. They also have an improved spelling skill since they observe how things are spelled as you pronounce them. Reading can be helpful to build their inner dictionary by introducing ideas and objects outside of their direct environment.
Help children to relax and improve their well-being:
Teachers from different Preschools shared that children who enjoy reading are more likely to have good mental wellbeing than children who don't enjoy it.
Cultivate the habit of reading:
Reading to your toddlers is a first step towards cultivating the habit of reading in them. If you include it in their everyday routine, they will look forward to it and will increase their love for reading.
It helps children learn:
Reading aloud helps children to stimulate their imagination and learn. This is beneficial to children’s progression at school as it develops their concentration, memory, listening skills and imagination in a fun and creative way.

Some other benefits of reading are it inspires children and make them happier than screen time, opens the doorway to writing, and helps in the development of children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills.