Why kids need to spend time in Nature

Many 21st century parents are experiencing situations when their kids express a clear preference for sitting on a couch in front of a screen over playing outside. It has become a cause of panic among the parents of toddlers as they are spending too much time indoors. Children, who spend time in nature, become more intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically active. In Child Care Whittier CA, kids are encouraged to spend ample time in nature in climbing trees, exploring rocks and bugs, or just playing games with friends as this fun activity helps build their brains, bodies, and characters for their future life.

Why kids should play in nature:

Interaction with nature is a source of wonder and motivation for children, essential to their healthy development and a sense of spirituality. Nature plays an important role in increasing youth creativity, reducing stress, and helping kids to be more focused and attentive.

Benefits of nature in the healthy development of children:

Intellectual benefits:
Our mother nature is a huge source of resources and an open-ended learning laboratory. Children are always inquisitive and love to explore the world using their sensory organs. Nature provides enough opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving, and STEM education. Interacting with the natural environment allows children to think, question, and make predictions while learning through hands-on experiments. Some brain-building natural activities for children are watch worms wriggle through the soil, jump in puddles, listen to birds sing, smell fresh cut grass, collect seeds, construct things with twigs and mud, etc.

Emotional benefits:

Have you ever found it relaxing being in nature? Many would agree that being outside is helpful to be emotionally happy and healthy. In Child Care Whittier CA, children are free to explore, move about, and make noise - different delightful forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors. In nature, children can run, hop, skip, climb, roll, and shout, which relaxes and reduces tension, anxiety, and restlessness.

Social benefits:

Playing in nature provides ample opportunities for children to interact with new and different playmates. While being outdoor, children can play alone or in a group, learn to share and solve problems. They learn to collaborate and make up games and make up their own rules and solve their problems without inhibition.

Physical benefits:

The fresh air of the natural world is invigorating and provides opportunities for physical development. Exposure to sunlight helps children absorb vitamin D which plays an important role in building a strong immune system. Some outdoor activities like climbing trees, chasing a friend, standing on one foot, falling over, hanging, and swinging from bars, jumping over, or into puddles help children to be more physically active. Child Care Whittier CA, organize many events where parents join kids in different outdoor activities to promote fitness and healthy living.

Environmental benefits:

Besides many individual benefits, being connected with nature help people to feel more responsible for taking care of our natural resources. Children understand that like other living beings, nature also needs our love and care. They feel responsible for protecting the environment and preserving the planet.
So, parents please open your door and embrace nature and help your little ones to explore the wonder and awe of the natural world.