When And How To Discipline Your Toddler : 5 Tips

Raising a child is a very delicate job and first-time parents constantly double-check themselves on the question whether they are raising them right. One of the biggest jobs a parent has is to teach their child right from wrong and to set a boundary to his behavior. But the question remains, when should we start disciplining our child? Is it when they are one year old or is it when they are ready to go to Montessori Rowland Heights, CA. To help you out, here are some pointers that will come in handy.

A little discipline should start when the child is 8 months and above old in the form of ignoring his tantrums and crying. A child as young as that learns the value of putting on a drama when there is an audience!! You can start by ignoring him when he is having such a meltdown and picking him or talking to him once his crying fit is over. Attention is what they seek the most, so by denying him that you are teaching him that not all his behavior will get attention.

When the child is 1+, he must learn to respect your verbal commands. Toddlers are very inquisitive and so accident-prone. Hence, he must learn that when an adult says “Stop” or when as adult stops him from doing something, he needs to follow that instruction. Time out is a great way to teach discipline when he breaks that rule. You need to put him in isolation (in a playpen or secure area where he can’t come out) and explain why he is there. Let him stay there for a few minutes or until he cools down. If he says sorry afterward, forgive him but don’t remind him of the incident right then and there. But later during bedtime or story time, you can talk about why he was punished and why you had to stop him. If your child is going into childcare Whittier, CA, make sure you tell the caregiver about this form of punishment so that there is a consistency to a similar situation.

For a 2+ child, discipline is very essential as he will be joining a Montessori Rowland Heights, CA soon. If he has never been disciplined at all, he is bound to have a problem in school. Time out works as a good discipline method, which can be increased based on the age of the child. If a child repeatedly breaks a rule, then giving him a fine is another good disciplinary action. Taking away his favorite toy or TV privileges for half an hour is a good start. Another thing that you must teach your child at this age is sharing. So, if he is snatching someone else’s toy in his childcare Whittier, CA, make sure you take it from him and explain why it is bad to take it with force. Teach him to ask for things and that sometimes he may not be given it. Also, listen to his side when there is a fight to make sure that your child is not the person wronged against.