What Are The Early Learning Standards For Pre-Schoolers

If you are a parent of a toddler and he is going to start his preschool soon, you need to have a clear idea about the early learning standards. Every state has an early learning standard that informs clearly what children should know in their preschool and be able to do at a certain age. Montessori Hacienda Heights CA teachers follow these standards to develop their preschool curriculum.

Subject areas :

In every high-quality preschool program, teachers equally focus on all areas of learning. Moreover, they pay special attention to what children are interested in. They follow a theme-based or project-based curriculum that helps children expand their knowledge and skills in different areas of learning. Teachers in such preschools encourage their students to connect their learning across several content areas. This type of interdisciplinary education system helps to prepare children for their future years.

Language (Speaking and listening) :

Pre-schoolers develop their language skills mostly by listening and speaking. They should have the opportunities in their preschools to converse with their teachers and peers. During their playtime, group time, or break time children get enough scope to interact with their friends and teachers. Throughout the day teachers encourage their students to share information, ideas, thoughts, and feelings using proper words and simple sentences.

Early reading program :

In Montessori Hacienda Heights CA, children start reading picture books with simple language and rhyming words. Teachers introduce and reinforce different concepts by reading aloud sessions. During the storytelling session, they listen to and talk about the characters, plot, setting, and theme of the story. Many pre-schoolers try to read their names and some other simple words like come, you, look, day, dog, cat, big, etc.

Early writing program :

Children’s early writing program begins with coloring and scribbling. Slowly gradually those scribbles take the shape of letters. Initially, the letters may not look like actual letters but with time and practice their shapes look more like the actual letters. Once they learn to write the letters, they feel enthusiastic to start writing words using their spelling.

Science :

Children are curious by nature and ask many questions to know more about the world around them. Teachers should encourage the little ones to be inquisitive to explore and make discoveries. Children are normally good with their observation skills. They watch things very minutely and can identify the changes happening around them. They can do some simple science experiments to explore the concepts of living things, clouds, and rain, oil and water, etc.

Number and numeracy :

In Montessori Hacienda Heights CA, children get the opportunity to explore different resources to understand various mathematical concepts. For example, they use base10 blocks to develop their number counting skills. They can explore shapes and textures while making art (comparing, understanding attributes) and claps out the beats to a sone (counting). They use blocks, buttons, acorns to understand the concepts of counting, sorting, comparing, and making patterns.

Apart from these basic subject areas, according to the early learning standards, children also learn Social studies, creative arts, and technology. In their preschool, through different activities, they learn to get along with peers and make friends and play together. Most importantly they learn to express their thoughts and ideas through painting, dancing, drawing, or coloring.