Ultimate Guide For Your Preschooler To Maintain Hygiene In Daily Life

Being a parent, it is among your basic duty to maintain the basic hygiene of your kids to ensure their safety. However, it seems an impossible task for those little rock stars who love to jump, hop, lay on grounds and play on the soil all through the day. When they come into the contact of dust, grime dirt, the risk of virus and bacteria contamination is high. Before you will send your kids to Montessori in Hacienda Heights, CA; you must make them aware of the germs and bacterial contamination.

Practice them some healthy practices at home so that they will be not affected by environmental factors. When the toddlers will learn to follow the basic guide of cleanliness, they will take care of themselves even in the Preschool Whittier, CA.

It has been revealed in the study, the kids who follow those habits of cleanliness by themselves don’t fall sick frequently. They don’t have the problems like bad breath and body odor either.

When the teachers of the Montessori Hacienda Heights, CA will guide the children to maintain basic hygiene, the parents also need to do their parts until they incorporate it in their daily life.

Here are some basic routines to follow good personal hygiene:

  • Washing hands: Whenever your kids are returning from outside or having some meal, the first thing they must do is washing their hands properly. Most of the germs are spread through the contacts of hand. When they regularly wash their hands, it will prevent them from getting sick.
You need to encourage the kids to wash their hands:

  • Before eating
  • Before preparing food
  • When their hands look dirty
  • After coming back from the field
  • After touching any animal
  • After going to the toilet
  • After touching any dirt
  • After blowing their nose or sneezing
  • Bathing: To maintain the cleanliness of the whole body, they need to take the shower every day. You can also encourage them to bath at night before the bedtime to remove all the grime and dust that accumulate all through the day. They must clean all of their private parts like underarm, genital and anal parts thoroughly. You can make the bathing session fun for the toddlers with toys and game but never leave the kid alone in the water.
  • Drying: use a clean dry towel to gently run the child dry. Make sure all of the body is dried up completely so that there will be no chance for the rashes.
  • Brushing: All the kids must brush their teeth twice a day; after waking up and before going to bed. Show them the right way to use the brush to clean all the parts of the mouth. For a better result, try to brush with your kids to encourage them to follow healthy hygienic habits.
  • Sneezing and Blowing: During the cough and cold, they must cover their mouth and nose with their hands to prevent the spread out of the germs in the Preschool Whittier, CA. If their nose is blocked then they must use a tissue to blow their nose and then they should through it into the dustbin.