Top 5 Art And Craft Activities You Can Do With Your Preschoolers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, everybody is stuck indoors and if you have a toddler at home, you must be experiencing a tough time. Managing a preschooler always at home along with professional commitments is quite difficult. But as there are no other options, many parents are planning to homeschool their toddlers; so that the kids can develop certain basic skills. If you are one of those parents, you will find the following art and craft activities quite helpful.

Art and Craft teachers of Daycare Fullerton CA has shared the following fun activities that you can easily incorporate in their daily life.

1. Painting with Forks

Who said forks are only meant for eating? You can use it in the painting also. This simple yet fun activity requires just a few plastic forks, paints, and drawing papers or books. Dip the fork in the paint and create different patterns. Your child can be creative with the patterns and the colors. You can do this activity with your toddler to promote creativity and visual development.

2. Painting the pots

You must be having some unused containers or plastic bottles lying somewhere in your house. Find them out and add color to them. To do this activity you just need paints, pots, and 1 or 2 fat paintbrushes. Use the base paint as white or black, so the other colors stand out. Once the base color has dried, give your preschoolers the brush, so that they can go crazy with the paints. In Daycare Fullerton CA, teachers do this activity with their students to teach them about different colors and how does it look with other colors.

3. Potato Art

Potatoes taste delicious, but you can use them in the painting also. Just cut some potatoes in half and carve some shapes on them. Then encourage your kids to paint the shaped side and then stamp that side on a clean white paper. Use a sketch pen to define the edges of the imprint. Through his activity, children can experiment with shapes and colors and explore their creative side.

4. Cup Animals

This is a very good activity through which you can introduce your child to the animals. You just need some paper cups and sketch pens to do this fun activity at home. Draw some animals around the cups so that you can make figures with them. In Daycare Fullerton CA, children love doing this activity as they can explore the animal world through this simple activity.

5. Art on Foils

Your child will love doing this activity as through this a simple foil will turn into a work of art. If you are planning to do this activity, please arrange a silver foil and a toothpick. Make your little ones draw patterns across the foil and teach them to poke the foil along the pattern with the toothpick. Once you are done, turn the foil around and you will see a work of art. This activity will also enhance their creativity and strengthen their fine motor skills.