Positive things you can say to your child to encourage them

Kids-always-want the best response from their parents when they do something appreciative or maybe even initiate something. So, whenever possible, try to say something nice to your child to show them how much you appreciate them. Most of the time, parents get stuck and don’t know what to do. That is why the Montessori Brea CA team has provided some suggestions for ways you can encourage your child.

Let's read them out carefully:

Talk instead of yelling

Always talk with your child whenever they do something wrong. Assume your baby spilled your favorite nail polish bottle on your brand-new dress just as you were about to put it on. Yes, you will be angry, but don’t shout at them. When you say anything to your child when you are angry, it will be worse and your child will get hurt.

Yes, we know that it was an expensive dress and your favorite nail polish, but this misshapen can become a sweet memory that you can laugh at after remembering. Inform your child that you are disappointed in what has occurred. You will notice how careful your baby will be the next time he uses other things.

Positive Language Matters

Language matters to everyone. It can make your conversation easy with anyone.

Because they motivate, inspire, and build self-esteem, the right words can have a powerful impact on your child.

So as parents, you need to pay attention to the words you use around your kids or while appreciating them.

Make it a goal to intentionally speak to your child at least three times a day until it becomes second nature.

Your children's development into healthy, content adults will be aided by the confidence and self-worth you cultivate now.

Rewards: what they are

A reward can be a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. For example, you can give them a treat, go shopping with them, or watch a movie in the theater to reward your baby for their good deeds. Let them make their own choice to do anything. It can be the best way to say "well done" to your child.

Avoid controlling or conditional praise

Your child will believe that you only approve of them when they do well and produce excellent results if you use encouragement and praise to discipline them. We will all experience failures and stumbles along the way as we learn and develop. A child's low self-worth, perfectionist tendencies, and a lifelong sense of "never enough" are all caused by the belief that they would be rejected if they made mistakes.


You can try these things to appreciate or encourage your child for their good deeds. It will help your child do the best things in their life and work with enthusiasm. So the Montessori Hacienda Heights CA team advises super parents: no matter what the situation, encouraging words and actions go a long way toward helping your children get through difficult times.