How To Sleep Train Toddlers And Big Kids?

One of the struggles and hardest parts for the toddlers and young kids are putting them to bed. As much as we older people love sleeping, kids hate sleeping and the toddlers and young kids still can’t understand the importance and benefits of sleep. The Child Care Whittier CA personally trains each toddler on the importance of sleeping and take their proper care.

If your child has left the crib stage, and started sleeping on their bunk or bed, then it becomes really hard to make them sleep. This is because the kid tends to feel uncomfortable at first and it becomes hard for them to sleep. Putting them to bed can be frustrating and tiring and will finally result in feeling fed up. So, to find a proper solution to this dilemma, the teaches may help you by suggesting some sleeping techniques to the parents that can be used on their children.

Some multiple tips and tricks can be applied to children to make them fall asleep faster. A good example is letting your kid deal with your absence for a short period. Once they get habituated with the hang of your absence, you can gradually increase the time of your absence. The staff members at most of the child care and preschools teach the kids how to stay alone and sleep alone.

Ways to sleep train your toddler :

  • Make going to bed a fun time : Before putting your children to bed, you can act a bit goofy around them. This will allow them to have a light mood when its time to crawl up to their bed. You can also simply act like them and get into the pajamas just like your kid. At Child care Whittier CA, the baby sitters play with the stuffed animals of the toddlers along with them in their bunks and pretend that you will also sleep along with them.

    Make their bedtime as much fun as possible so that your kids get properly used to it. Being goofy around them, your kid will look ahead to bedtime every night, which is a good thing. This dilemma might be quite hard for those parents who are working. So practicing these techniques a few times in a week will prove to be an effective technique for your kid.
  • Take a break : You can always lay beside your kid for a few minutes and tell them that you need to go out regularly for some time and will be back within an hour. This will enable your kids to be alone with themselves. You can also kiss them and leave them for quite a few minutes.
  • Once you leave them alone, come after a few minutes and check whether they are still awake. If they are awake, you can please and congratulate them for being so well behaved and cozy them in their beds. If they have fallen asleep, all you need to do is just give them a warm hug and turn off the lights, and leave them alone for perfect night sleep.