How Movies Inspire Kids in Positive Ways

Do you know, in today’s world, the most important part of parenting is to inspire kids to grow up as an independent individual? In different ways, you can motivate your kids to be independent right from their childhood. According to Montessori Brea CA, inspiration comes from a variety of sources like movies, books, real-life stories, etc. Among all these movies can be particularly powerful for kids.

Movies can be instrumental for kids to change the world around them in a positive way or to acquire some good habits. The environmental message of ‘Fern Gully’ helps young kids thinking about the Earth differently or the documentary-like ‘Super-Size Me!’ motivates kids to change their eating habits. Different films have unique aims to persuade viewers to think in a certain way, so you can help your little ones to understand different sides of the issues.Childcare Fullerton CA is here to help you out with their list of best inspirational movies for kids.

  • Curious George – Royal Monkey (age 3+)

    Curious George – Royal Monkey is an animated feature film for young kids. The movie is based on the classic book characters created by H.A and Margaret Rey in the year 1940. George is a mischievous but lovely monkey who is adventurous by nature. His adventures are very much family-friendly and involve less to no suspense and violence. The story is easy to understand, thoughtful and has a relatable message. It shows that family relationships become key when George and a nearby kingdom's royal monkey trade places after a series of mishaps. Montessori Brea CA shows this movie to kids to foster the concept of doing what you love without letting fear stop you.

  • Lost and Found (age 3+)

    Lost and Found is an adaptation of award-winning author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers' picture book about a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep. Pre-schoolers and young elementary schoolers will enjoy and appreciate the little boy and his newfound penguin friend's adventures. It is a movie about true friendship and finding a proper home for a friend.

  • A Boy Named Charlie Brown (age 4+)

    It is a movie about a boy named Charlie who just can’t get anything right. He is looking for one thing, the spelling bee competition in school, at which he can succeed. Initially, Charlie Brown doubts himself; but later he tries his best and ends up securing the second position in the competition. Childcare Fullerton CA shows this movie to kids as it shares a very positive lesson that people should never lose hope and, whoever tries his best, wins in the end.

  • Curious George 2 – Follow That Monkey (ages 4+)

    This is an adventurous movie with some fast-moving train scenes. All the characters in the movie are animals. There are some themes of abandonment and separation from family, but everyone is brought together for a happy ending. Watching this movie, kids will learn that family and friends play an important role in our growing up. They help us explore ourselves. This movie also promotes the importance of eating healthy foods as the main characters here eats fruits, nuts, and fresh bread as they feel hungry.