Healthy Eating Tips For Kids During The Global Pandemic

The world is presently fighting against the worldwide epidemic of COVID-19 virus, and everyone must protect them at every cost so that they are not infected with this viral disease. While adults are mostly infected with this infection, it is seen that kids might get affected as well. To protect kids from getting infected, it is recommended at Montessori Fullerton CA that they must be kept on a proper diet. It has been found that besides washing hands and wearing masks, some healthy foods can prevent the disease away.
Diet recommendation for children
  • Parents should not allow kids to consume raw foods such as fresh eggs, meat or raw vegetables.
  • Anti-viral herbs such as basil, oregano and dried thyme are great boosters of immunity. Parents can mix these herbs in boiled water and feed it to children to cure away any mucous-related respiratory problems.
  • Children must be fed with a good quantity of prebiotic and probiotic for keeping the environment of the gut healthy. Stronger gut health makes the immune system quite stronger. Rice or beetroot Kanji is also an effective preparation that keeps the stomach healthy.
  • Zinc and selenium should be included in the diet of children on a mandatory basis as they have a protective effect against the attack of COVID-19 virus. These minerals boost anti-viral immunity and curbs inflammation largely.
  • It is said at Montessori Fullerton CA that foods, which are rich in zinc and selenium, are shellfish, chicken, meat and fortified breakfast cereal. Vegetables contain phytates, which hinder the absorption of zinc, and hence kids with vegan or vegetarian food habits must be given 50% zinc intake in excess from building a proper immune system.
  • Peanuts, pistachios, grapes, blueberries, cranberries and even dark chocolates, contain a component known as resveratrol. This component helps to protect the body against injury, stress, fungal infection and UV rays of the sun. Parents and caregivers can feed these foods to their kids who would be boost against the attack of any disease.
  • Parents can cook food of kids in pure cold-pressed coconut oil or even feed it to them in raw condition. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and caprylic acid. These acids are essential for boosting the immune system against any viral infection.
  • Last but not the least, Vitamin C rich food such as gooseberry, grapes, guava and many other fruits and vegetables should be fed to children in plenty. Also, there are many supplements of vitamin C in the chewable or candy form available in the market. They can also be helpful.

There are no specific food items that can protect a child from acquiring the infection of COVID-19 virus. Still, all the nutrients as mentioned above can provide support the immune function of the body, and thus the body can easily deal with any viral infection attacks. Since kids and toddlers are not always aware of taking all the safety measures, parents can keep their health functioning properly by following the dietary guidelines.