Best Tips To Prepare Your Child For Montessori School

When you start the journey of parenthood, there are lots of new things that you will feel eventually. Every new day brings to you new challenges. However, most of the child will stay close to their parents for maximum time. When the kids reach the toddlers' milestone, it is the time to get their admission to the Montessori Whittier, CA or nearby.

This is a huge task for the parents to make their kids ready to stay outside of the known periphery for long hours without their parents. A feeling of excitement along with anxiety hits up their minds. How they will stay for so long? What they will eat? How they will behave? There are lots and lots of questions that are popping up frequently.

As the parents, the best thing you can do is make your child ready for the outer world. You can prepare his/her mind for the upcoming transition period of life. In order to do so, here are some excellent tips suggested by leading child psychologists and counselors.

  • Introduce The Idea Of Play School: If you want to take the kid to the Preschool La Habra, CA all of a sudden, then it will be a shocking incident for them. So, you have to explore the concept of the Montessori school to him/her. You can tell stories about your schooling and the fun memories you had. You can play teacher-student game by creating a playschool environment at home. The kids must be assured that the school is a really good place where they can have unlimited fun and playtime with new friends. They may have many queries regarding the phase which you need to answer patiently.
  • Cope Up With Separation Anxiety: This will be the first time when the kids will stay without their parents for a long time. To cope up with this, you need to practice certain things like saying goodbye when you are going for even short span. You can also play hide and seek with your child so that he or she will be reasonable about your absence.
  • Take A Short Tour To School: Most of the reputed Montessori Whittier, CAallows the potential students to take a tour of the school. Ask the authority if you can visit your child at least twice before the final day so that the kid will be accustomed to the atmosphere of the school. It will also give you the opportunity to notice closely how the child is behaving with teachers.
  • Potty Training: It is must to potty train the kid before getting the admission to the Preschool La Habra, CA. Along with that, he/she must be trained to inform the teachers about the need to use the washroom. Many schools don’t prefer students who are not potty trained during the time of admission. You have to prepare the child in the way that he/she will not feel embarrassed in front of other students.
  • Maintain a Routine: The first struggle you have to face when your kid will go to school is waking him/her up in the morning and getting ready for the school. To avoid this, you have to maintain a routine for early bedtime and wake up so that the struggle will be less.