Tips to entertain your toddlers at home

Parenting is the best job; everyone desires to be happy in it. If you are a new parent and worried about your baby's care, you don’t need to worry about it. You will learn everything in due time; otherwise, you can consult an expert. One of the crucial factors in every child's development is entertainment, which can be a challenging task for you as a parent. The Preschool Fullerton CA team has highlighted some tips to entertain your toddlers to make your journey easier.

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Pull-along toys like balls and trucks

Toddlers always love the balls and trucks so much that they will throw the balls independently, paying little attention to where they are going. They can be a great choice to teach the kids how to take care of things—keeping their hands on the wheel is the only difficulty.

Create with play dough

Kids always love the messy things in their hands, get busy with play dough, and enjoy making fun shapes. Make your own with our simple recipe for play dough (opens in a new tab). Then, demonstrate how to cut out "biscuits" for your toddler using some shaped cookie cutters and a rolling pin. A garlic press can be a great tool for them to make squiggly bits.

Pretend Play

After the age of 2, toddlers naturally starts to act like what they see adults do and what others do around them. You can include this in your chores. So the next time you are preparing a meal, your baby will cook with you with empty pans and pots. Also, give your little one a small outfit of a different color to wear to the laundry.

Go on a hunt

If you've followed Toddler Approved for a while, you're probably already aware of how much we enjoy going on hunts. Hunts are a fantastic way to get kids outside and engaged in active learning. We included them in our ABCs of Toddler Activities because we believe that all toddlers enjoy hunting. Additionally, you may incorporate hunts into a variety of themes, such as color matching, name, and number recognition, alphabet exploration, etc.


Coloring is one of the favorite activities of every child. It is so entertaining and full of fun for kids. You can print out some coloring book pages that your baby loves the most to fill in, or get some blank paper to draw something and allow their imagination to roam free, and then color all the pages.


These are some tips that will help you entertain your child at home and make your entertaining task easy. If you are looking for a preschool in Whittier, CA, for your child's better care, you can connect with us. We have a certified team to offer the finest services to every parent. We are focused on the holistic growth of a child.