Secrets for a childcare teacher

Kids are fickle and don't agree on anything for the first time. At Childcare Whittier, CA, educator we have noticed many things. Below we have mentioned how you have to tackle them. Revealed some facts that we have experienced in our childcare how they get our kids to eat their veggies, go to sleep without a fuss, clean up their toys, and more.

Make it fun

Help the kids in their care positively envision the future activity. If the kids say, we are going to play in the playground. At that time be creative and customize your comments to your kid’s interest. For example, if your son like cars but hates the idea of having to stop playing with his cars to have a bath, turn the bath into a car wash. Always remember that children are incredibly creative so use their imaginations to your advantage.

Eat together

Mostly kids eat well at childcare because they see that their friends are eating. We prefer you to eat together at home as a family. Research showed that the kids who eat together with their family experience long-term physical and mental health benefits. That gives kids the chance to immerse themselves in the eating experience. Also, we must suggest you don’t force your kids to eat. Allowing them to see other children and adults enjoying a wide range of foods encourages picky eaters to try new flavors.

Stop offering backup meals

At childcare, a snack is served with a meal, nothing else (except perhaps fruit and milk). No amount of groaning and moaning will get them a different meal. So, if the kid decides they don’t like what’s on the menu at dinnertime, let them know that’s all that will be available. You kid will get used to the idea that what is on the dinner table is the only food on offer, and in the vast majority of cases, they would not starve themselves. That may seem like tough love, but kids rarely whine about what is served at childcare because they know there is no point.

Use bins, baskets, and labels liberally

Most childcare has the luxury of child-level cubbies and hooks, which makes it easy for kids to clean up after themselves. You can repeat this with labeled baskets (most childcare attach pictures of the contents to every bin to make it easier for kids). Put them everywhere: in the kitchen, at the front door, in the TV room, and, obviously, in the playroom, if you have one. Place a mat for shoes and label the hooks. Even an immature toddler will get the idea. They are learning to take responsibility for their belongings and building the foundation for organizing their brain.


These are some secrets to convince your child to adopt good habits without forcefully. You can choose Montessori Whittier CA for your kids for their creative learning. If you are looking for the same, you can connect with us.