Montessori Rules For Teachers

When we talk about Montessori school, there is a perception in everybody's mind that it is a space where kids are free to roam anywhere in the classroom to learn new things and try some new activities for better learning. There are no rules or regulations. This is a myth. Also, there are some rules that you need to know when you are part of a Montessori school. Like, walk, don’t run. Take turns. Raise your hand to speak. Stay in for recess if you don’t finish your homework. You will go to detention if you draw on your desk. No reading during a lesson. The rules and so on. In this blog, Montessori Fullerton CA exerts mentioned some rules for the teacher you must need to know as part of it.

Have a look :

Respect for the Child

Montessori philosophy belongs to a deep respect for kids. That means teachers should have to respect every single child, and also respect their choices, like their freedom to choose, to correct their own mistakes, to move, and to work at their own pace. A Montessori teacher works and interacts with the kids from a place of genuine respect.

Maintain a Safe and Comfortable Environment

As a kid teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure that every child’s environment is properly safe and full of equipment and materials. They have to replace or repair every single item that poses a threat to the children. Also try to create a safe and comfortable environment through positive, clear, and encouraging words and actions that will help the kids to feel secure and confident in their environment.

Ground Rules for Montessori Teachers

There are lots of rules we have to follow no matter what we are doing. When it comes to Montessori schools, the teacher is not immune to these.

Also, we need to consider that if we want children to be respectful people, then we must have to apply this. They always notice what their elders are doing and they will grab all the things.

These are some ground rules every teacher should follow
  • Focus on a single person at a time but keep their eyes on other kids too.
  • show how to return the work in order
  • handle the work respectfully
  • try all the activity that belongs to practical life, sensorial, Math, language, and so on.
  • uses a low voice
  • walks slowly
  • don’t shout
  • uses calm, slow movements
  • gets down to the child’s level to interact
  • has a pleasant expression
  • behave well with other teachers
  • great convincing power

Hope now confusion clears that Montessori schools have no rule. This is the place where you are free to move, but for learning purposes and by following some ground rules. So, after reading this post, if you are looking for Montessori Brea CA, we are here to assist you. Choose us as your service provider to get the best care.