How to help your child adjust to their new sibling?

Kids always get excited when they hear about a new baby. This is also true with the new baby; their lives change drastically. That is why you must adjust your first child to their sibling. We all know that kids never want to share their things with anyone, so parents have to prepare everything twice. To make your journey easy here, the Montessori Fullerton CA team has mentioned some tips for you.

Let's read it out:

Involve your child in new sibling chores

Involving your child in simple baby tasks can help them grow into a loving and giving sibling. Simple duties like folding the baby's clothes or retrieving the baby's toys will strengthen the toddler-baby bond. It will also teach the toddler that caring for the infant is their duty as well.

Create a baby-free zone

Set up a separate area for your child that is not accessible to the infant. When your child needs a break, they may take themselves to this place, where they can also keep their prized possessions. Toddlers are frequently concerned by the encroachment on their space as their infants gain mobility. Furthermore, because toddlers are still learning how to share, they may be upset if their younger sister explores their particular toys. We all require our own space from time to time, and a baby-free zone may assist in reducing some of the animosity and acting out during this transition period.

Let your child tell the story

Allow your youngster to assist in the creation of a simple picture book about him and his new brother. Allow him to pick the photographs for the book, and ask him what words he wants on each page. He could even wish to describe her birth story and their new connection from her perspective.

Recognize your child's emotions

Recognize that your child may show bad emotions or behave badly, but do not reprimand. Instead, remark, "Being a big sibling can be difficult." It's normal to feel unhappy, angry, or do things you don't mean to do at times. We will always adore you and wish to make you happy."


These are some ways that will help you adjust your child to their new siblings. Also, you have to face lots of challenges in growing two children together, but you can send the elder one to any preschool or childcare center for better care. If you are looking for the same, you can choose our Montessori Brea, CA, team for your elder child.