Fun and Engaging Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is a celebration of fun, food, and family. It's also a fantastic chance to include your children in fun activities that teach them about the significance of the holiday. Here are some exciting Thanksgiving activities from our Child Care Whittier, CA, that your kids will love.

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Thanksgiving Crafts

Kids can be entertained, and their creativity can be stimulated, by doing crafts. They can create projects with a Thanksgiving theme, such as pilgrim hats, turkey handprints, or gratitude trees, in which they write blessings on paper leaves. These activities not only keep youngsters occupied but also make lovely house decorations.

Cooking Together

Thanksgiving would not be the same without its customary feast. Get your children involved in the kitchen by teaching them how to prepare easy recipes like pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes. Through this exercise, they acquire an important life skill and gain an appreciation for the work that goes into making the Thanksgiving dinner.


Use stories to teach your children about the origins and meaning of Thanksgiving. Read children's stories about the first Thanksgiving or spend time watching instructional videos with them. In addition to being instructive, this activity fosters strong bonds between participants.

Thanksgiving Games

Plan enjoyable activities that the entire family can take part in. These may be friendly football games, charades with a Thanksgiving theme, or a treasure hunt using objects associated with the holiday. Playing games with the kids is a terrific way to keep them occupied and active.


Thanksgiving volunteerism is about giving back and showing thankfulness. Urge your children to engage in charity work by providing meals at a nearby shelter or donating gifts to underprivileged kids. They will learn the value of compassion and giving from this.

Nature Walks

Nature hikes are most enjoyed in the fall. Take your children on a stroll around the park or woods to gather acorns, pinecones, and fall foliage. These supplies can be used for your Thanksgiving projects.

Writing Thank-You Notes

Encourage your children to express their gratitude to others through letters. These can be their relatives, friends, or instructors. Through this exercise, they will not only become better writers, but they will also learn the value of showing thanks.

Making a Thanksgiving Play

Allow your children to perform a Thanksgiving play. They may replicate the first Thanksgiving by dressing as Native Americans and pilgrims. The whole family will love this enjoyable and instructive exercise.


Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday; it's a time to express gratitude, spend time with loved ones, and create lasting memories. These activities will not only keep your kids entertained but also teach them valuable lessons about the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Child Care La Habra CA team suggests you this year, make your Thanksgiving extra special by including these fun and engaging activities in your celebration.