Activities for kids during the Thanksgiving holiday

For the kids, Thanksgiving Day is the most fun time of the year. There are tons of fun activities you can enjoy with your kids. These activities will keep your child or student interested in learning. Also, it will help them grow their skills and their love for the holiday. The Montessori Fullerton CA team has provided some fun activities for children to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday. It can be a great idea to teach small kids about the culture and the nation’s festivals.

Have a look:

Organize a Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Adults can enjoy the Easter egg hunt as much as children do by coming up with clever places to hide the eggs beforehand. However, don't just enjoy hunting in the spring! Let the kids loose in the yard to find all the small pumpkins or gourds you've hidden in a place of the eggs. When they're all found, they can serve as a centerpiece.

Participate in a Turkey Trot

Unfamiliar with the Turkey Trot? Your mind is about to be blown. The idea is to go for a short run on Thanksgiving morning to enjoy the cool autumn air while preparing for the upcoming feast!

Race to fill the pie pan

The pupils loved the first Thanksgiving activity for kindergarten! The best aspect is that it only needs very simple materials that are typically found in classrooms.

Students will team up with a partner to play this game. Large cotton balls or pom-poms and a pie pan are required for each player. Aluminum pie pans from the dollar shop are perfect for this exercise.

Each student will roll a dot cube once. They will fill their pie pan with the appropriate amount of cotton balls or pom-poms. The winner is the first person to fill their pie pan. Students can scoop cotton balls or pom-poms using large tweezers or an ice cream scooper to add fine motor exercise.

Handprint Turkey Craft

The tiny munchkins usually adore making crafts out of their handprints. It is the ideal remembrance. You will need little paper plates, cardstock paper, brown cardstock, glue, Google eyes, brown paint, and a paintbrush for this project.

Starting now Wait for the paper plate to dry after browning it with paint. Using paper, make the face of the turkey. Finally, cut out the child's hands after tracing them. Now is the time to have the children spread glue all over the paper plate with their hands. Next, attach the turkey with adhesive.


Enjoy these fun activities at home and in the office. Your kids will enjoy them. Montessori La Habra CA is a place where your children can learn about the festival and culture, as well as society and how to live in it. We always try to focus on individual children's holistic growth because early-age learning will work for them forever.