Essential tips for parents to take care of their child during winters

Winter is about to hit the doors soon, and this season needs extra care and nourishment for your baby. If you are a new parent, maybe it will be complicated for you somehow. That is why some preschool Whittier, CA, team essential tips for caring for your child exist. Also, consider that toddlers need physical activities during these winter days to warm up their bodies.

Go through with these tips for better care of your child:

Dressing Properly for Cold Weather

Toddlers should only be taken outside to play in the cold after being properly dressed. The layered dressing will be helpful to keep your child's body warm with boots, scarves, hats, socks, earmuffs, or mittens. Furthermore, the air spaces found in various pieces of clothing will help them retain body heat while also protecting layering.

Although outside activity may cause your youngster to perspire, you may always remove one layer. Even more so than for the average adult, it is advised to dress your child in an additional layer.

Foot care during the winter

Give your kid's feet a little TLC. Put a few drops of essential oil in the tub. Neem or peppermint oil can relieve sore feet, while rosemary oil helps warm up chilly feet and promote blood flow.

Winter is when dead cells tend to amass. For your child's sensitive skin, use a scrubber rather than a pumice stone.

Use moisturizer to prevent dry heels. Children should wear cotton socks to bed after using moisturizer.

Protect your little one's chapped cheeks

Elbows, fragile nose, and "crawler's knee" with a baby lotion packed with olive oil, which helps avoid chafing, and country mallow, which is known for its antioxidant and skin-conditioning effects.

Putting on comfortable sleepwear

It is best to maintain a warm environment in your room as opposed to dressing your child in a lot of clothing while they are sleeping. The best option might be a warm flannel with cotton under layer and a thin sweater on top.

Hair care for children during the winter

Be careful around fires. Although comfortable, wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits can be dangerous, especially for young children. Be cautious, and if you can, install safety gates. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operational if you're using electric or kerosene heaters as alternative heating sources because you've lost power or heat.


These winter tips will help your kids stay safe and warm. Preschool Fullerton CA experts recommend that you give extra care to your child and nurture them at their growing age for better growth. Kids always need attention, even at an early age. If you are more concerned about your child's winter care, you can connect with the pediatrician to know the best care tips for your loved ones.